Training Note: How to Manage Returns ?

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Training Note: How to Manage Returns ?

Neal Singh

How to Manage Returns


Purpose: There has been confusion on how to process Stock Items on the POS where there are Returns. The common areas affected are Empty Coke bottles and Crates and the Empty Gas Bottles returns.


Basic Requirements

1.     Stock Items like the Coke and Gas are sold as a single item,. DO NOT create separate items for the Contents (liquid) and the Container (bottle).

2.     The price of the Coke or the Gas is the price of the contents and the bottle.

3.     A Stock item is created for every Item that can be RETURNED. Example 1liter Coke Bottle, 250 ml Coke Bottle or 25 Liter GAS Bottle etc. Note the various Coke Crates are also created as stock items.


Functional Requirements

Selling at the POS

1.     When selling any item at the POS that has Returns, always sell the Complete Item and then CREDIT the returned Empty. This would remove that Stock Item (one bottle and content) from stock and add the Empty (returned bottle) to the stock file.


Doing GRVs

1.     When the Stock Item (e.g. Cokes) arrives on site and you going to be billed for it and the crates and you will get a credit for what you return to the supplier.

2.     GRV all the Stock Items into Stock

3.     Do minus GRVs for all the Returns that you are sending back to the supplier (e.g. Crates and bottles)

This has been tested this and it works 100%