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Wireless Scanner - Data capturer - Documentation

Danny Kahumba


33, Greenville, Savoy Estates, GAUTENG

23rd July, 2012


 BackOffice Version                  :  Milestone 2(2307:)

 POS Version                              :  The latest Milestone II with combo Milestone 2(1307:)

 Pump Controller Version        : any

 Tech Config Version                : any



1.      Device Setup

The device set up consists of installing the drivers for the devices and also loading the Smartfuel template into the scanner. The device drivers are found on a CD that comes with the Scanner.


1.1.Drivers and files locations

This version of the back office will need the following drivers and files:


Ø  The Database structure that works with this Backoffice is found on the server on this path:\\\smartfuel production software\SMARTFUEL Software Folders\MILESTONE II\Latest Reference 19 July 2012\DB Structure Milestone II + COMBO

Ø  The BCP 8000 drivers can be found on the network at these addresses: \\\smartfuel production software\SMARTFUEL Software Folders\Milestone II\Data Scanner Installation Software and \\forecourt2\d\Tech Tools\TECH UTILITIES\Data Scanner Installation Software.

Ø  The Smartfuel template described in Step 1.2.4) can be found on the C drive in the Smartfuel directory on the Dev Testing Machine as well as on the server at this path \\\smartfuel production software\SMARTFUEL Software Folders\MILESTONE II\Portable Scanner Software\Application Template.

1.2.Scanner Drivers and Applications Installation

The following steps will be required:

1)     Under the folder  Utilities\BCP-8000\BCP Driver Folder on the CD, you will find an application CP210x_VCP_Win_XP_S2K3_Vista_7.exe

2)     Double click on “CP210x_VCP_Win_XP_S2K3_Vista_7.exe” and follow the wizard to complete the installation.

3)     In the Utilities\BCP-8000 Folder on the CD, double click on “Setup.exe” and follow the wizard to install the BCP-8000 drivers. Make sure that you are installing the BCP8000 software in the Smartfuel directory on the C drive as shown in the figure below. This setup will create a BCP8000 shortcut on your desktop











4)     From the same Utilities folder, open the BCP-8000 folder, then BCP8000Read Folder and then double click on “Setup.exe” and follow the wizard. Again, make sure that the application is installed in the Smartfuel directory on the C drive. This setup will create a BCP8000Read shortcut on your desktop











5)     You can change the date on the scanner by selecting Utilities (option 5) on the physical scanner, then Settings (Option 2) then Date and Time (Option 3).  It is very important to have the time changed to the current system time as the stock take time when doing stock take will be the time on the physical scanner. Once the time is set up, press ESC twice on the Physical scanner to go back to the main menu.


1.3.Smartfuel Template Loading

The GRV and Stock Take application to be installed on the driver was designed using the BCP8000 application. For more information on how to design applications for the scanner read the file named”BCP-8000 Job Generator Operations manual.pdf found on the CD ---


To load the Smartfuel Application Template in the scanner, follow the steps below:

1)     Attach the scanner to a USB port on your PC


2)     Identify which virtual Com Port is associated to the scanner. To do so go to Control Panel-> Administrative tools-> Computer Management and on your left side choose Device manager (Highlighted on the figure below-left) and Expand Ports (COM & LPT)

3)     Copy the application template mentioned on step 1.1. Drivers and files locations into the Smartfuel folder on the C drive.

4)     Open the BCP8000 application by double clicking the BCP8000 icon on your desktop and right click on the scanner as shown in figure below.










5)     Click on Open and locate the application template file in the Smartfuel folder on the C drive. This file is named GrvAndStockTakeFinals.apg and it is a template that was designed for the Smartfuel application. Then click on open from the windows dialog box below to open the Application template...










6)     The Application Template form below will appear. Click on the Ok button and select OK.










 7)     Right click on the Scanner again and Select Download, then Program as shown below










 The download AP Template  window shown below will appear








8)     The Virtual Com Port identified in step 2 must be selected. To identify the Scanner Baud Rate, Go to Utilities (5. Utilities) on the physical scanner and choose Baud Rate (5.Baud Rate). The one which is highlighted is the one the scanner is using. Take note of the Baud Rate on the Physical Scanner and set it in Download AP Template. The default password designed for the Smartfuel Application Template is a, type it in on the space provided for password .Press ESC twice on the Physical scanner to go back to the main screen.

9)     BUT DO NOT PRESS OK YET. Before pressing OK button, Select Option 6 from the physical scanner Menu (6. Download)  then option 1(1. Program). The Physical scanner will display “Connecting…”


10) At this point you can Press OK on the Download AP Template form.






11) The Smartfuel template has now been successfully loaded into the device (the scanner).


2.      Import Data From scanner

 The first thing to do on the Back office side is to create two Folders on the Smartfuel directory on the C drive named GRV and Stock Take respectively. These will be the repository of your csv files.



The new GRV option from the BACKOFFICE is done in a similar fashion compared to the old           function except from the fact that GRV details can now be imported from the scanner.

Follow these steps to achieve that:

1)     On the Physical Scanner Select option 1 (Collect Data), the >GRV , then press enter (enter is the button with the arrow pointing left just below the big orange SCAN  BUTTON).

2)     You will have the option of entering the Stock code, the quantity and the cost price. This cost Price is the total cost price for all the quantities; it is not the cost per unit just as it was done in the normal GRV.

3)      Press SCAN (Orange button) on the physical scanner to scan the item or type in the stock code using the scanner keypad. After you have scanner the code, you will be automatically taken to the Qty entry and there you can type your quantity and press enter to move to the cost price (PurPrice) entry. Please note that not of these field can be empty. They are all mandatory to capture the GRV. If the purchase price is not known at the time of the capture, you can capture 1 as the purchase price and then correct it later.

4)     After you have captured all your GRVs, press ESC twice to go back to the main Menu.

5)     On the Backoffice, Open the GRV form under Utilities->Stock Management->GRV.

6)     On your desktop double click on the BCP8000READ icon mentioned in step 1.1. 4 , and a form like the one below will appear. Again make sure you have the Correct Com Port, Baud Rate and Key in the password. Choose the Correct directory .For GRV your directory will be C:\Smartfuel\GRV. Enter the name of the file .The name of the file must end with “.csv” for example you can type: GRV32.csv.



















7)     Before pressing OK, Select Option 2(Upload) from the physical scanner. The scanner screen will display “Connecting…” At this point you can now press Ok and the file will be uploaded. Then Click on Cancel to Close the Read Data via Serial Port form. On your physical scanner you will see that it will ask you what do with the data in the scanner. It is strongly advised to delete it otherwise these data will be added to the next data you will enter and be written to your file when uploading it and this could cause confusion.

8)     Once the file on your PC you can now import the data in the Smartfuel by clicking on the “Import CSV File” button.  A dialog Box like the one below will appear and from this dialog box choose your CSV file with the corresponding GRV ID or any other name you could have called it and open it.









9)     After opening the file it will load the data that you have entered in the scanner on the GRV details section as shown in the figure below. If one or more code that you have scanned does not exist in your stock file a message box like the one below will appear to inform you about that.







You will have the option to both capture the codes and add them to your stock file or continue with the importing. Should you choose yes on the message box to capture the codes, you will be taken to this window below (Please note the codes that needed to be captured so that you can capture them one after the other).

But before that you will get a warning telling you that you will have to import your csv file again.







Just press OK and the New stock Item window below will be opened. Now you can start capturing your stock items.











 Once you are finished with the capturing, then you can now import the csv file again and your GRV is captured. You can change the selling price and the cost price when and where applicable.













1)     On the Scanner, Select option 1(Collect data) then select >Stock Take by pressing the arrow down key on the physical scanner. You will have the option to enter the Stock Code and the quantity. The stock take time will be the time displayed on the physical scanner by default. So make sure you have the correct date and time which is the system’s time on the scanner (refer to step 1.2.5  to know how to do this) .

2)     Press SCAN (The orange button) on the physical scanner or key in the stock code using the scanner’s key pad, then press enter (the button below the big ornage SCAN button) this will take you to the quantity entry; Again the code and the quantity are mandatory field and cannot be entered if they are blank. Once you are done capturing  your stock take you can go back to the main Menu by pressing ESC twice.

3)      On the BackOffice, open the Stock take form under Utilities-> Stock Management-> Stock TAKE.

4)     Under the Generate Report , select the item of interest, or a category just like it is done in the normal way, and click on generate report


















 Under the “Enter Figure” Tab, select Option manual and choose the stock takeid of interest.

5)     Open the BCP8000Read on your desktop to upload your data from the scanner  to a file. A form like the one below will appear. Again choose the correct port, Baud Rate and enter the password which is a in this case, Choose the correct directory which is C:\Smartfuel\Stock Take and type in the file name ending it with .csv  please give a name that will mean something so that you can spot the file when importing it. For example the name can be   32.csv with 32 representing the stock takeid.











6)     Connect the scanner to the PC and choose the Upload option( Option 2) on the Physical scanner. The scanner Screen will be displaying “Connecting…”

7)     You can now Press OK and the file will be downloaded to the PC. Then click on cancel to close the form. And check your physical scanner for deletion options. It is strongly advised to delete all to avoid confusion with next data entered.

8)     Now click on import CSV, choose the correct file name, open the file and a dialog box like the one below will be displayed.

9)     The file will be imported and the counted column shown below will be updated as shown on the figure below based on the quantity scanned and the variance will be also updated automatically.

Now you can click on Fix then Post.


Ø  If you have made a mistake while counting, you can do a recount before posting your figures; upload the data to your PC, then import the CSV file.

Ø  If you are scanning bulk barcodes, please enter the quantities of the bulk scanned. For example if you are scanning a case of 500ml cans that contains 24 cans of coke, Do not enter 24 as the quantity but 1 in case you have 1 case, 2 in case you have 2 etc. The program will take care of adjusting the quantities based on the Bulk barcode scanned and the bulk quantity for that code.

Ø  If bulk barcode are scanned and their quantities and the normal barcode as well as their quantities for the same code, the quantities will be adjusted accordingly. For example you scanned the Coke barcode and entered quantity of 5 and then the barcode on the case of 24 cans of Coke, the total quantity uploaded will be 29 that is 24+ 5. This is to say that you can count loose items as well as bulk barcode the quantities will be adjusted.

Ø  Please also note that the BCP8000Read does not know where to put the csv file that you are downloading from the scanner that is why you should always check for where you are saving your file. GRVs are saved under C:\Smartfuel\GRV and Stock Take under C:\Smartfuel\Stock Take.


Software Developer

Jeannine Tshibangu

PosBackOffice2410.exe (18M) Download Attachment
GrvAndStockTakeFinals.apg (9K) Download Attachment